My Wonderful New Daughter

So apparently I am taking on a new daughter. She is a beautiful girl, 28 and we seem to be vibrationally aligned. We are clicking like crazy and have had amazing communication. She emails me tons every day.

My Wonderful New Daughter 1

I think I want to train her, to train her mind and to shape her into an incredible person.

Obviously I will post more on this.

The girl I have nicknamed Ladybug. She is starting school so that will be a bit of an interference. But she really wants my collar around her neck so that is a very good thing. And she is no stranger to BDSM relationships, has been a sub before and best of all, NEEDS regular spankings!

I will post more on this and how the relationship is progressing. But for now, I have a very good feeling about taking on a new slave and having her a part of a polyamorous relationship and household.

Also, she is very much a little. And we are forming a wonderful Daddy/daughter relationship. I think I will end up teaching her and flirting with her in a delightful way where we explore this a real daddy daughter bond.

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