The Best Ayahuasca Retreat: Arkana

I recently went on a trip to Peru for an absolutely marvelous ayahuasca spiritual retreat at Arkana Spiritual Retreat in the Sacred Valley. I mentioned that I was going to Ladybug and Kitten (and I went with Pumpkin) but I didn’t really reveal to Ladybug just what  I was planning on doing there aside from it being a spiritual retreat.  The truth is, it was a life-changing and positive experience which involved the use of the scared medicine ayahuasca .

a sexy bikini girl tripping on dmt ayahausca in a beautiful field of energy

I didn’t mention this to Ladybug because she has had  very negative experiences with drugs – – mainly because her experience with drugs has been of the disconnecting kinds, cocaine and alcohol and it is hard to explain to someone with that background that this powerful plant, a profound hallucinogen, is a powerful teacher.

So that is what this post is going to be about – – I will attempt to explain to her the sacred truth about ayahuasca – mother of the plant medicines. Later on, I will do more posts detailing my personal experiences with the medicine and what I learned…. But for now this is a general overview.

First off, I want to state that the ceremonies at Arkana were performed with powerful intentions and a pure mindset that had been cultivated over months with the last month of preparation for the ceremonies involving a strict plant only based diet, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, no marijuana or other drugs, and hardest for me – in the last two weeks before the ceremonies: no sex of any kind. Instead I engaged in daily meditation, qi Gong exercises and being mindful of the media I consumed so that I only allowed positive things and ideas into my mind.

The spiritual retreat at Arkana:  Sacred Valley is itself staffed by some of the most wonderful souls I have met in some time. The entire retreat is about mindfulness and healing. The food there is locally grown, plant based and organic. And everything about the place seemed mindful of spirit and guided by love. 

I will post a video of us entering the retreat for the first time… So you can see my first  impression of the retreat as I walked through the door for the very first time. I can’t properly express how impressed I was with this place and would definitely recommend it – – in fact I can’t imagine using ayahuasca under better circumstances and if it is your first time, it is totally worth the money and effort to get there.

The Ayahuasca Shaman

Next, let’s talk about the shaman – – in my case the magnificent Armando. He was a native of the Peruvian portion of the Amazon rainforest. He had over 30 year of experience with the medicine and it is hard to explain just how powerful and skilled a teacher he is. 

I myself am very spiritually inclined and an accomplished reality shifter. I am comfortable with psychedelics and know my own mind. That said, I would not consider using the medicine without someone as powerful and grounded as the wonderful Armando. While I may be ‘comfortable’ ‘ with my own mind and using my will… Armando is a master of it. He can see energy and acted as a welcome mediator between myself and the spirit of the plant, mother Ayahuasca.

If you get anything out of this post, it should be to treat ayahuasca with the utmost respect and to do it under the supervision of an established and well respected shaman. Seriously, the is incredibly powerful medicine and you need a powerful guide to assist you.  And I am no stranger to hallucinogens either…. Trust me, you want a reputable shaman and not just some hack that claims they are a shaman. Do your research – – as there simply can’t be that many people out there with the power as the shaman I met at Arkana.

Hmmm, I think this post is long enough. I will continue on tomorrow with more on ayahuasca and plant medicine.

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