Positive Things in my Mind

I have been fasting and meditating extensively lately. I am trying to only allow positive things into my mind. I feel prepared for this spiritual retreat in Peru. And meditating at Machu Picchu!

While being celebate is tough, I can handle it.

I am breathing through the energies and helping them to flow around.

Positive Things in my Mind 1

I messaged Ladybug about a week ago that I weighed 168lbs.Today I am at 158lbs. So 10 lbs gone. Easy.

Watched an incredible movie that Pumpkin selected yesterday about a powerful Peruvian shaman. His teachings resonated greatly with me and reminded me of the teachings of Don Juan and Carlos Castineda. Teachings about going into oneself and seperating yourself from the story of all the dramas that have occurred to you in the past… As they are just stories that limit you and sap your power. For a man to build his power, he must release all concepts of his ego self and let the ego die while maintaining a strong connection to your energy.

I have also been doing exercises from the Energy Codes (Dr. Sue Morter) and working with breath and the chakras.

Need to do more Qi Gong though… It makes me sad that Pumpkin resists it so much… Even though the last time she did it, she was so filled with energy that she had to lie down and didn’t know how to deal with the buildup… So I think she found it too physically uncomfortable to deal with the energy she built up.

Oh, and we have been reading Stranger in A Strange Land. One of my most favourite books. I bought a copy for Ladybug on Amazon too, as it is required reading… But sadly she can’t even answer my texts never mind read a whole book… So that will have to wait… Until the waiting is filled.

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