All my best BDSM articles are here, divided into two sections:
The Dom/Domme Style section includes my better articles on way to improve yourself as a Dom and different ways of dominating a submissive in mind, body and spirit. After all, most of BDSM is mental and that is where a lot of effort should be spent.

The How To section is practical tips on various BDSM techniques/activities and how to perform them safely.  These sections are constantly being added to as I have way, way more to say and can easily expand on the topics already below but I have not even touched a lot of general subjects like…heat: cupping, wax, fireplay. Or DYI bondage which will forever change how sexy you find hardware stores.  And about 5k rope posts are needed still .  So keep checking back for updates.


a_good_dommeSlave Application Form —  Before doing anything with a new partner, it is essential to get their
consent. Ideally a very clear written consent (supplemented with video) about all activities you agree to do together.  Have a contract or agreement signed and in place before playing. And I’ve included a checklist too…the largest one you’ve likely ever seen. 

Mastering Power — Doms have to learn tons of stuff to be effective. How do you master your power?

Evaluating a slave’s Performance — Here are some tips on giving feedback to your slave and guiding her.

Obedience and Punishment — On using punishment to gain obedience

Training a slut to be a urinal — A guide to making her your personal urinal.

Exercise — An important part of keeping your slave fit and healthy.

On Punishment — A deeper look into the mindset behind punishment.


Orgasm Control — Perhaps the most effective way of controlling every action of your slave.

Forced Bisexuality — Taking charge of your slave’s sexuality can be all encompassing but it can also make her do the things she’s always wanted to OR take humiliation to a whole new level.

50 Ways to be a better Daddy –  Age player and littles need Daddies who cater their specific needs.

Warming Up You Sub — It is very important to warm up your sub to get her ready for more intense scenes.

Forced Masturbation — Controlling you subs sexuality is definitely enhanced by supervising her masturbation habits and making sure she cums enough.

Milking Slaves — A great game to play is forcing your sub to squirt for you as you milk her regularly. (Note: this is not a lactation article but on making her shejaculate regularly.)

Being a Great Daddy Dom — Tips for being the best Daddy out there for your little ageplayer.

Collars — This explains the emotional impact and deep meaning of a collar.


painSubdrop and Aftercare — What you need to know about her post-scene emotional states and how you
need to be there for her.

Beginners Guide to Rope — Start here for learning to use rope safely.

Rope Basics: Larks Head — This tie is super useful and easy too.

Rope Basics: Cow Hitch — This super fast tie is essential for tying things off. I show how to do it fast as the internet is full of the worst way to tie this one.

Rope Basics: Double Figure 8 — Good for creating tie points.

*Hogties — A classic bondage tie with rope. A great position.

Hypnosis Overview Pt1 – My guide to the world of hypnosis.

Hypnosis Overview Pt2 – More on hypnosis.

15 Hypnosis Tips — Handy tips for effective hypnotism.

Muscular Suggestion with Hypnosis — Why body possluture (um, posture but I am totally keepying they typo!)  is so important and how to use hypnosis as a tool to get you sub to improve her posture –> and her mood.

Pet Care — The Importance of checking in on your sub during a scene.

22 Duties — The 22 Rules I use for guiding my slave in daily life.
How to be Kinkier —  a book review. It was written by a friend and both myself and my slave are in it.

**Safe Words — An essential part of feedback from your slave for making sure you keep her happy and coming back for more.

Blood Play and Safety — Blood play is riskier than you think. But it’s not just the cuts you have to worry about.

Nipple Torture — How to abuse her tits. And do it safely.

Enemas — The ins and outs of enemas (filling her ass with fluids.) And safety too.

Figging — How to torture her ass with ginger.

Caning Guide — My guide to sensual caning