My posts on BDSM equipment, gear, toys, and clothing.


Bargain Whips — Where to get good stuff cheap.
Epilators — Not only do these remove hair, they can also hurt like hell.
Underbed Restraint System — Simple, fast and handy.
Hardware and Fasteners — The best places to get quality hardware for cheap.
Sex Swings — So required. 
Bondage Cuffs — Essential restraint: everything you need to know.

Rope Cutters — Essential safety gear. 
Clover Clamps — Nipple torture for less! You’ll never guess where you can get them cheap.
Types of Rope — Become a rope expert.
Body Bags — leather and confining.   *
Bondage Tape — So much better than duct tape. *
Collars – Because every slave yearns for one. 
Bondage Hooks — What they are and how they are used. *
Bondage Belt — A kinky utility belt *
Armbinders — Another great piece of confining gear. *
Gags  — Everything you need to know about gags. *
*- Indicates pages with pictures missing because they link to my old site which lapsed….and is now being held hostage. 


Love Glove — A spiked silicon glove

Condoms — The best condoms.
Female Condoms — Nothing is better for a threesome with 2 girls.  They also feel great! (For the guy)
Toxic Sex Toys — What you need to know. 
kegal_ballsStumpy — Amputee silicon toy for a real pervert. 
Pogostick Dildo — Because it is a thing.
The Hitachi Magic Wand — If you buy anything, buy this. 
Hitachi Attachments — Pimp your ride. 
Dildos — How to pick the best ones.

Kegel Exercisers — Strength training gear for your vagina.


Slutwear: it won’t weigh you down

Bargain Slut Clothes — Where to get good slut clothes for cheap. 

Dom Masks — Where to get some scary looking masks to increase her fear and arousal. 

Bargain Collar — Inexpensive place to get a very high quality collar ($200+ normally)