Sexual Freedom And Love

Kink Unveiled is a sex education website with a particular interest in BDSM, polyamory, squirting, and sexual freedom to be who you really are.  I believe the best sex is completely intertwined with love.  Sex is about our basic human need to connect with each other with sex being the physical manifestation of that connection.  Society is generally repressive of our sexual selves and wants to bury it. Instead, I rejoice in sexual connections with my lovers and slaves.  I encourage a healthy sexuality in all people and believe that lovemaking is appropriate as long as all the people involved are consenting.

While my blog is about sexual education, I also hope that it generates some income in order to pay for the hosting costs of this site.  So I am planning on opening a store with my Tshirt designs as well as selling quality sex toys that I feel are an essential part of every pervert’s collection. Finally, I will probably include some affiliate links to sex you websites that I have ordered from, so that you too can enjoy their products.