About Kink Unveiled

cartoon-3way-kissingKink Unveiled started a sex and BDSM education website and blog.  I originally created to cover strictly BDSM but gradually expanded topics to include sex toys, sex and the law, the philosophy of sex, squirting (female ejaculation) and polyamory. I write about what I know and hope you will find these pages useful and educational.

I am a Master and dominant who has practised kink, BDSM and polyamory since I was in my late teens.  At university, I had multiple long term simultaneous relationships with people who were also dating each other.  And I have always been a slut at heart!

I have owned multiple collared slaves in my life and currently, have 2 collared sex slaves who enjoy a 24/7/365 lifestyle.  I collared one of the girls in 2009 and the other in July 2016.   Both girls are bisexual and kinky as hell.

Additionally, I am dating one other girl who is 20 years old, polyamorous, thin and pretty…and I hope that one day soon she will be mine permanently as well.

I have been active in the BDSM community for years and have had an active BDSM and sex friendly blog since 2013 although only restarted this unique website in 2017 — after I running this exact domain for a BDSM information website back in 2009-11.

My Story

Kinkunveiled.com was originally purchased and created back in 2009 and I worked on building the website here until 2010 when the website expired and was hijacked by someone who bought the domain and offered to sell it back to me for $3000.  Giving that idea the finger, I waited until 2013 before resuming my writing on kink and BDSM with the blog at kinkunveiled.blogspot.ca.  I continued to write on blogspot (aka Blogger) for several years adding content whenever I felt inspired but was eventually left unsatisfied with the blogspot platform and decided to rebuy and recreate that successful blog here.



Meet the Team

Kinkunveiled is mostly just myself because my slaves lack a certain technical prowess. Each slave has written a little bit of content but for the most part, it is written by just one man. For this reason, please excuse the lack of updates if I haven’t written anything in awhile 😉


Kink Unveiled

Master & Daddy

Science geek and engineer with nearly bottomless appetite for good sex.


Sex Kitten

Slave #1

Bisexual. horny and incredibly kinky, this slut has had at least 20 orgasms a day for the past 5 years.  Collared and owned since 2009.



Slave #2

This girl is happiest when filled with cum while licking a cute girl’s anus.  Collared and owned since July 2016.



Pure & Loyal

A loving and pure girl, just 20 years old and yet ready to join our poly family.  Eager and willing to obey my every command.

Next Steps…

This is a wonderful place holder for where I link to…y’know, somthing. Maybe I will put a link to my store? Or I could link to the blog itself? I dunno.  But once I decide, there will be a call to action.

Call to Action