Here is a list of my favorite posts on human sexuality and things of interest with that.


Multiorgasmic Men — Some men can be multiorgasmic (just like women) and here’s how!

PC Muscle Exercises for Men — Strength training for better orgasms.

Ageplay — This article explains exactly what ageplay and why littles love it so much.

Anal Sex — From a BDSM point of view, here’s how to train her ass so you can use it any time you please.

Bagpiping — Because armpit fucking is a thing.

Vomerophilia — The fetish of being aroused by vomit. Well, seeing some vomit at least.

Threesomes — All about threesomes…written by one who who has had hundreds of them.

20 Ways to Have Better 3-Somes — How to take your threesome to the next level.

How to Get Laid — The truth about getting laid.

How to Sleep with Attractive People — Heartfelt advice.

Passing out from Orgasms — Yes, orgasms can be that epic.

Dildos — All you need to know about these insert-able toys.

*How to Go Down on a Girl — my guide to eating pussy.

Australian Kisses – Like a French kiss, but down under.

Deep Throat – Not just a porn legend but a valuable skill.

Make your Pussy Taste Great — Try these simple tips to change how your pussy tastes and make it taste great!

The Female Prostate — All about the g-spot and female prostate. Remember that if you want info on SQUIRTING, all my posts on that subject are in the squirting link page.

Squeel 2  — an oral sexy toy in rotary form.


Bonobo Sexuality (or how humans were meant to fuck)  — How our closest primate cousins do it.

On Sex with Married Women — My thoughts and perspective

The Ethical Slut — A fine book and an excellent reference on polyamory and open relationships.

Compersion — The emotion where you get joy from seeing you lover connect with another lover. This article explains how this works. It’s sort of like the opposite of jealousy…but not quite.

On Sluthood — It’s time to embrace sluts (pun intended) and end slut shaming.

Societal Perceptions of Sluts — More on why we need to transform society and end slut shaming.

Top 20 Reasons to Love Sluts — This is full on praise of sluts because in a world full of slut shaming, they need to know why we fucking adore them and don’t want them to change.

Swinging — Totally different from polyamory, swinging focuses on sexual freedom without emotional attachment.

*Polyamory Pt 1 — Polyamory means ‘many loves’ and instead of being monogamous, it embraces relationships with multiple people at the same time. Not just sex…love.

*Polyamory Pt 2 — Ethics, rules, jealousy and benefits of polyamorous relationships.

Polyamory Pt 3 Poly with Slaves — how polyamory works within the context of BDSM and multiple slaves.

Being Open while Being Poly —  Why honesty and sharing is the hallmark of healthy poly relationships.

Shaved Pubes: How common is it?  — I answer this question with the latest polls.

Spiders Give Oral Sex

The Consistency of Cum — Everything you ever wanted to know about male semen and how it changes over time.

Female Body Fluids — an article on how they are perceived and presented in advertising and in society in general. 

Why Women Ejaculate — The debate so far seems to be centered mainly on ‘do women ejaculate’ (yes, duh) and so I give my well reasoned thoughts on what biological purpose squirting performs. Its only a hypothesis but it makes a lot of sense.

10 Things You Know about Polyamory that are Wrong — Recent studies overturn all the stereotypes.


The Law: Prostitution — How the law currently looks at the oldest trade and the bastards in Hawaii.

The Law: Age of Consent — How we currently view ‘old enough’ and contrast that to how we used to see it.

The Law: Sex in Public — Well, specifically, on a beach.

Highschool Teacher Busted Giving an A+ for Sex — female teachers are at it again.


Changes in Female Masturbation — The internet has changed everything…especially how often women look at porn and fap.

If a girl is gonna fap, she’s gonna fap a lot! — The science is in, and girls who are going to masturbate have been found to be heavy masturbators…no quickie then she’s done. Nope. Many times a day is 7 times more common than once a day.


Video Games — Ahh, the reward center that keeps on giving.  How to seduce the gamer girl and turn her into your sex slave.

Why Geeky Doms Rock — Because they do.

Blow Jobs with Pop Rocks — its actually pretty good!

You know your daughter has picked up kink when… —  humor

You might be a Masochist — jokes ala Jeff Foxworthy’s You might be a redneck.

Comic Book Corsets — Because they are so cool.  [Sidenote: for some reason which I am completely in denial about, this post has by far the least page of views of any on my blog for 2013/14 with just 213 views.]

Real Dolls — The perfect mate if only she could breathe…or get out of the uncanny valley. :/

Hitachi Bondage — It’s funny…but will probably make your sub cry when she sees this.

Top 20 Orgasm Types —  Humor.

Slave Leia and Star Wars — The most famous geek slave of all time.

Robophilia: Would you Fuck a Robot? — geeks now…but mainstream soon.


Awesome Amputee Aimee Mullins — She gave a TED talk and is has some of the coolest legs ever made.

The Fault in Our Stars  —  A great book/movie by John Green…and it involves amputee sex.

Stumpy Sex Toy — It’s about time that a phallic amputated leg became a sex toy.

Long Jane Silver — the first amputee pornstar to stump someone one camera

Amputees –and how they were built for fucking with their permanently hard limbs.


Procrastubation —  the more time you do this, the more time you create to do things later.

Deep Throat — Has nothing to do with Watergate

Austrian Kisses —  Like French Kisses only down under

Roman Showers: Etemophilia —  barfy