Collaring Ceremony Part 1

The significance of a collar to myself and my slaves is extremely
significant and not something I take lightly at all.  Of course,  I
can use collars for physical play — but these are always leather
and attached in a temporary way.  But a real collar to me is metal
and permanently affixed to the slave and completely unremoveable.
To me, a collar is more permanent and significant than a wedding
ring and the ultimate symbol of my ownership.

Now the application of collar can be done in a ceremony attended by
many members of the BDSM community or it can be done in a private
but not less significant ceremony.   I am going to describe one such ceremony that I will use in the collaring of my next slave but this ceremony will also be used as an opportunity to change my slave Ashlie’s collar to a matching metal collar.

The ceremony will take place at Craiger’s Dungeon. Craiger is a Dom
in the BDSM community that is very well known — and his Dungeon is
large enough to hold all the people and his space has a 2nd floor
that overlooks the main hall where the ceremony will occur.   (And
Craiger, if you’re reading this, you will rent your space out to me
for really cheap, right? 😉  )  There are over 100 people present,
all Masters, slaves, Dommes and  subs in formal fetish wear.  These
make up friends in the community who all came out to observe the
collaring of my new slave.

I am wearing a Roman Catholic priest cassock — it seems appropriate as I will be officiating the ceremony  and it IS like a wedding. Ashlie, my collared and beautiful slave wears a schoolgirl uniform (white blouse, red kilt, and white stockings. Underneath, I know she is wearing a tight black latex corset that I helped her cinch incredibly tightly so that she has a wasp waist. Her white stockings are attached to the corset with garters that are just barely visible under the hem of her kilt.  Her hair is in braids and she has her beautiful metal collar –the same collar that she has worn since I
put it on her neck.

The new slave, Special K, is a youthful looking thin Japanese girl who stands just 5’1 and weighs barely 90 pounds.  I want to state here that I have fallen deeply in love with Ashlie — the totality of her submission to me has won my heart and I my cock seems ever hard in her presence.  And as I have gotten to know Special K, my heart has blossomed a deep and uncensored love for her as well. She too is a rare submissive like Ashlie who is naturally at her core a sex slave.  And I wish to keep forever — looking after them both and ensuring they are safe, secure and looked after for all-ways. This is part of the pledge that I make to them as a permanently collared slave. They are both to be my property, owned by me and my
prized possessions.  They are more important and adored than Ferrari — and I intend to keep both till death.   The best thing is, Special K and Ashlie have fallen in love! So the collaring will work
to unify my household.  I look around at all the smiling faces of people in the community and I’m pleased to have friends present to witness the occasion.

The music starts as I stand at the front of the room with Ashlie
dutifully by my side.  The doors open and all eyes turn to Special
K  as she enters the dungeon.  She is completely naked and has her
long black hair freely flowing.     She is thin and meek yet excited
that this is finally happening– but now I see her looking very
nervous walking naked in front of so many people that are here to
witness her being collared.  Walking past all the onlookers, she
approaches me from across the room.  I catch her looking at Ashlie
for reassurance and the two exchange smiles.  Finally she is
standing expectantly before me.  I graze into her eyes lovingly and
she returns the look. Yes, I want this one to be my slave.

I hold out my and Ashlie places a ball gag in my hand and I hold it for the crowd to see.   “Open your
mouth” and Special K complies. I hand the ball to Ashlie and nod. She places the ball gag in Special K’s mouth and
straps it around the back of her head, securing it firmly in place as I speak, “This gag symbolizes the silencing of your will. From this day
forward, you will be unable to speak, remaining silent and ever
ready to serve. Do you understand.”

She nods.

“Good. You will be my silent slave and you will look at your silence
as something you keep because your Master deeply desires it of you.
From this day forward, if you ever need use of a voice, Ashlie will
speak for you so that you may remain ever silent and devoted to me.
Ashlie, accept the role a Special K’s voice.”

Ashlie steps forward, leans down to the mouth of the much shorter
slave, and kisses her on the ball of gag. “Master, I accept the role
as Special K’s voice.”

“Thank you. [Announcing to the crowd]  Let me know if she disobeys
me and speaks even one word. Even if she is cumming and shouts out,
‘Oh God!’ This slave is forbidden to speak from this day forward.”

The crowd accepts the announcement though some of them definitely
look surprised…and others are no doubt turned on by the idea a vow
of silence.

“Slave, I  want you silent and voiceless as symbol of my power over
you. From this day forward, your silence will be a source of pride
and a symbol of your loving devotion to me. Do accept this duty to

Special K nods.

“Then from this day forth, you are mentally gagged by me and will be
unable to speak even if no gag is in your mouth silencing you.”

She beams lovingly at me knowing that I am deeply turned on by
silence. I know she will obey me and look at her vow of silence as
one of the most special gifts she can give her Master — knowing her
silence is demanded of her.  She also takes comfort in the fact that
this has been announced to the entire community at once so she has
no need to explain it to everyone — and without words that’d be a
huge challenge for her.  But now, she is a member of a community
that understands and accepts her a silenced slave.

“But you are a smart girl and I love your mind, so you will still be
permitted to communicate with Ashlie and myself through writing,
typing and sign language. This is how you sign ‘Yes Master’. Do you
understand?”  K signs, Yes Master.

“Good girl. Now is the time for the energy exchange.  All body
fluids contain a person’s energy and you are to filled with the
energy of your Master so you are filled with his energy so that you
can better serve him. Get me hard sexpet.”  Ashlie moves over to me,
drops to her knees and raises my cassock. Then, in front of
everyone, she sucks my thick cock until it hard.  As she is blowing
me, I grab K and pull her close. I remove the gag and then push her
down to her knees as well.  I push Ashlie abruptly off my cock and
pull K’s mouth onto my cock and force her to suck my cock as she’s
naked in front of over 100 people. I force my cock to the back of
her throat and struggles not to puke in front of the crowd.  Then I
push her back too…so both my slaves are on their knees in front of

“Open your mouths to accept not only your Master’s energy but to
fill yourself with him so you are unable to deny him anything.”

I then let out a strong stream of piss from my hard cock, pissing
all over the slaves as they struggle to get as much into their
mouths as possible. They swallow eagerly.

When I am finished, I pull Ashlie up to her feet.  “Special K, turn
around and kneel facing the crowd.”  She kneels, looking out at the
crowd, knowing that all of them are seeing her for what she really
is.  A sea of black leather and latex clad people look back upon her
approvingly.  A flash of a camera suddenly grabs her attention as my
friend Master Photographer snaps photos.

I position Ashlie to stand behind Special K and then I raise her
kilt so that her bare pussy is revealed to the crowd.  I make her
hold her kilt up with her hands. Then I tilt her head back so that
she staring back at Ashlie — looking directly up at her beautiful
and perfectly bare pussy.

“This is going to, from this day forward, your slave sister.  Do you
vow to love and honour her and accept her fully and completely so
long as you are collared as my slave?”  She signs Yes Master while
continuing to gaze at her pussy.


“Lick her pussy now as she is my property and comes with me. Lick
your slave sister.”  Ashlie lowers her pussy down and Special K
begins to lick eagerly…embarrassed yet turned on that her Master
is making her lick a girl in front of so many people.

As she continues to lick, I go on, “You must love, groom and take
care of my property, ensuring she is clean, shaved, and dressed
appropriately. You will also be trained to put on her makeup and
tend her hair. Acknowledge these duties now.”  She sign Yes Master
while continuing to lick.

“Ashlie, you must cum for and love my new property, welcoming her
into our lives. Cum for her now on the count of 10…9…8…7 feel
orgasm building…6…5…  give me a really big orgasm….4  cum
also for the crowd 3…almost to the edge now…2 get ready….1 CUM
FOR ME!”  Ashlie cums on Special K’s tongue and some girlcum squirts
out of her pussy.

“Drink from your slave sister.  Fill yourself with her energy as you
are one now” As I say this, Ashlie begins to piss all over the naked
slut kneeling below her.  Special K struggles to keep up with the
flow and ends up with it splashing all down her naked body, soaking
her despite trying to swallow as much as possible.

“Good girl. Now switch positions.”  The wet little slut stands up as
Ashlie now kneels in front of the crowd. Special K’s body is wet
with Ashlie’s piss…making her nipples a little cold and therefore
hard.  Meanwhile Ashlie is kneeling in a puddle of her piss that
mixed with mine and little of Ashlie’s cum — and her schoolgirl
outfit is wet with my piss.

“Eat her out,” I command and Ashlie instantly complies. Special K is
now soaked in piss and standing naked in front of a crowd that
includes many strangers that she has not yet met. Ashlie eagerly
licks Special K’s bare and hairless pussy as Master Photographer
takes more photos.  I can tell Special K is nervous but I am proud
of Ashlie being a good little slut for me and showing Special K how
to behave. “Enjoy it slut. You too are going to cum for the crowd.
I haven’t yet trained you to cum on command so we will all wait for
you — as long as it takes.  You may never, ever fake an
orgasm…all your orgasms for me will be real, no matter what.  So
enjoy it…and enjoy putting on a show for the nice people.  You
will —” and suddenly I see Speical K rocked with a hard orgasm.
Apparently this little slut enjoys being put on display!

[Continued in Part 2]

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