How to Masturbate to Squirt (Learning to Squirt)

female-ejaculationPractice makes perfect.  Don’t just squirt for your lovers…practice squirting all the time and squirt for yourself too.  The three posts were leads up to this one — and should get you on really solid ground to regular and powerful female ejaculations.  It’s important to learn how to squirt by yourself so you get relaxed and comfortable with it — and not ‘worried’ about squirting when you are with your lover (as worry and orgasms aren’t exactly best friends!) I know you know that squirting is sexy so explain to you how to have a squirting orgasm.  I’m going to explain to you some detailed techniques for flexing your PC muscles during masturbation that is both effective and really fun (but you knew that squirting orgasms and shejaculating everywhere was gonna be fun already, didn’t you.)   So if you haven’t done so already, check out my last three posts in order to get you up to speed then I’ll start with the Masturbation Techniques to Make You Squirt.

Note: Guys, this post is not aimed at you. THIS ONE IS.

PREPARATION: read the background posts and get comfortable with all the exercises.

Background Posts:
1- How to Find Your G-spot
2- Kegal exercises to build your squirting muscles
3- Advanced Kegel exercises with weights

One girl described squirting for the first time as this, “I thought I was going to pee but I kept pushing and pushing. Suddenly I had to push hard while all heaven came together between my thighs and the creative source within me became a river. I never had been utterly overcome with lust until that moment.”


Although girls can squirt at any time, things you can do to help improve your chances of squirting (aside from the exercises and the masturbatory techniques, of course) is to :
a) Be Well Hydrated. (Drink several large glasses of water in the preceding 3 hours before the attempt.)
b) Try 13-15 Days after the middle of your last period. If you are ovulating that’s best…you want to be in the most firtile part of your cycle. (That’s a good idea for a post…I know all about such things.)
c) Be Horny. Being horny always helps.
d) Don’t Feel Pressured —Not being pressured by some guy who wants his ego to swell is always a good thing. Tell him to fuck right off and you want to do this yourself. Then don’t pressure yourself either. It’s kinda like sneezing…it’ll just happen when it happens…so your main goal should be to have fun masturbating.

Now many women want to squirt but have not before — and are probably looking for ways to practice. Well, masturbation is by far the best practice as you can feel what is going on with your own body and start to get really familiar and then comfortable with it.  As you from the background posts, a little strength training may be required (some girls have naturally strong PC muscles but others can barely flex theirs…and generally, neither have any clue which group they fall in.) Either way, you can definitely benefit from giving your PC muscles (the muscles on your pelvic floor) a good workout. Benefits include:


  • stronger orgasms
  • being able to squeeze cocks hard with your vagina (ok, that’s a benefitejaculating-woman for me, not you.)
  • better posture
  • weight loss (according to the Taoists, anyway)
  • massively decreased the chance of anal prolapse (especially from anal sex)
  • dramatically increased ability to orgasm (and also squirt) from anal sex
  • no more leaking of your pee accidentally (yes, this is a very real thing)
  • gaining the ability to squirt

I’m going to offer 3 techniques that, after strengthening your PC muscles, should make you squirt. (I am being completely honest in saying this: if you follow this program, it is inconceivable that you won’t squirt from following all these steps. This also factors in the currently accepted belief in the medical system that not all women have the ability to squirt –I did a post about identical twins whom one could squirt and the other couldn’t.)  Keep in mind that in the East, women are considered to be ‘wet’ and squirting orgasms are mentioned in Tantric texts as a normal and expected occurrence at orgasm…so it should happen pretty naturally and just flow out of you. So if you are ready to female ejaculate: keep reading.


Technique #1
1) Understand what is going on with your body and where your g-spot is (see the previous post on finding your g-spot) and how to flex your PC muscles.  Also, be really well hydrated before starting. (so drink lots.)

2) Begin masturbating how you normally would (if you use porn, use that…etc.)

3) Rub your clit with one hand (or vibe)

4) With you other hand, hook your fingers in and up towards the roof of your vagina and feel around for the rough and spongy G-spot.

5) Press and tap your G-Spot repeatedly with your fingers into that spot in a rapid motion…this should feel pleasant and ‘make you tremble’ 🙂

6) Begin squeezing and pushing with your vaginal muscles — you should feel them squeezing on your fingers and attempting to ‘push your fingers out’

7) As you ‘bear down’ on your fingers you should feel your fingers being pushed out of your vagina (you can flex in several ways…focus on the bearing down push.

8) Let the tension build up…tension, in this case, is a good thing. You will most likely feel the ‘need to pee‘…that’s a very good sign…and take comfort that the same muscles that a straining are also cutting off your ability to pee. (I’ve tried it with several girls…’Ok, pee now’ (in the shower) and they can’t…they have to ‘calm down’ and have not the stimulus for a bit before they can actually pee. Basically, just keep going and don’t worry about it.

9) ‘tease’ the bearing down area and go back to tapping your G-spot as you continue to stimulate your clit.

10) Focus on ‘bearing down’ further and further so you get closer to the vaginal opening

11) as you near orgasm, you should be able to push and squeeze in such a way that your muscles actually reach the vaginal opening

Step 11 is very important. Why? Because as you cum while your muscles have reached the vaginal opening….you are going to squirt and join the female ejaculation club.  (There is, from observation, an extremely strong correlation between these all happening together…it’s how I know right when you are going to squirt.  This is the exact same as men’s balls being sucked up inside them the moment they are going to ejaculate. Again…and extremely strong correlation between that happening and a ‘squirting orgasm for men. Ha ha…men never seem to have difficulty with this one…it seems to happen without them noticing.)

Note: I added a step just so step 11 could be squirting– more the result than a step to follow 😉

Technique #2 (Masturbating with Squirting Tools)

I’m wanting to publish this post now (and I’m really pleased with it so far! I will post the next 2 Techniques tomorrow!! [Links to Follow!]

Technique #3 (With Serious Orgasm Equipment) — If #1 and #2 Don’t work…this will, Guaranteed.
[I Will Link it soon as I post it]


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