My Rules for Living with 2 Slaves

shaved-dildo-slutWhen owning more than one slave, it is important to balance your attention between slaves in order to mitigate the effects of jealousy –which can crash down upon and ruin the good thing you have going. The concept of treating your women (or men) equally should be fairly familiar to you, but did you realize that these things were clearly laid out in the Koran by Muhammad over 1400 years ago? The founder of Islam wrote that if any wife is given a gift, then all your wives must be given the same gift. This way there can be no jealousy caused by favoritism between wives. And the concept holds true for polyamorous relationships between slaves.

An important aspect of polyamory is communication – as I have often said, the most hurtful part of ‘cheating’ is the being lied to and not the act itself. For this reason, having rules in place that not only even out the sexual attention each slave receives but informs each slave of the sexual pleasures that the others are enjoying. This way she is always kept in the loop.

Keeping slaves in the loop can be accomplished by a simple phrase such as “It is my sacred duty as a slave to perform this act.” This accomplishes several things. It lets the slave or Master know that this act is being done because of other naughty business that has gone on – so even if the specifics aren’t revealed (she can always ask if she is curious) she never feels like she is in the dark or like the others have any secrets from her. If this is said to the Master, he knows that this act shouldn’t trigger further acts to balance things out. And it reinforces the idea in the slave that she is a slave with duties and every sex act that she performs is out of devotion.

I like to spread out the sexual attention I give to my slaves evenly. I currently have 2 slaves and if I am to have sex with one slave and cum in her, I also have to have sex with and cum in the other slave.

If I receive a blowjob from one slave, then the other slave also has to give me a blowjob to ensure that things are even.

Things get a little more complicated when I fuck them both at the same time because obviously, I cannot fuck them both simultaneously nor can I cum in both of them at once. So anytime I have sex with both slaves, I am sure to go back and forth between the slaves and when I cum, it is of utmost importance that the girl who didn’t receive the cum drink my cum out of the other girl – then they are to kiss each other and share my cum equally as they swallow it together. This way my cum is spread evenly between the girls.

Another practice to even out the sexual pleasure is to make the slaves have sex with each other anytime I have sex with one of the slaves – so the person who is ‘left out’ and doesn’t have sex with anyone knows that she is duty bound to have sex with each of us after we have sex. Thus the girls know that whenever they see the other slave having sex, they know that they will have at least a couple of orgasms as a result – one from her Master and one from the other slave.

This rule of ‘whatever you do with one, you do to the other’ is generally applied so each girl knows that by having sex or orally pleasing her Master, she is triggering the 2nd slave to do the same and doubling the pleasure she gives to her Master! Additionally, she also knows that she must please and sexually pleasure her slave sister as well. And this brings my slaves close together, provides ample opportunities for me to enjoy seeing my slaves having sex together – and enforces many daily orgasms on each slave.

For example, if I were to have sex with Pumpkin, then she must have sex with kitten and I also must have sex with kitten to complete the cycle. If I then have sex with kitten a 2nd time that day, then I must have sex again with Pumpkin and then kitten and Pumpkin should fuck again.

Here are the 7 sex rules for my household:

1) Always Use Porn– All slaves must actively use pornography throughout every single sex act and masturbation.  Slave sisters must encourage each other to look at porn and imagine/view other girls throughout each sex act and this is especially true while having sex with each other—the focus should be on pleasuring each other while enjoying porn and looking at it constantly.  Sisters should also verbally encourage each other to think perverted thoughts about the girls that they view.

2) Each slave must have sex with her Master and equal amount.  Any time a slave sister has sex with her Master as an initial act by herself, she must then inform the other slave sister that she too must have sex with Master as well. If a slave knows her Master and the other slave are having sex, she will prepare herself and actively make herself available to have sex with her Master.  The slave giving the pleasure simply states, “It is my sacred duty as a slave to perform this act”.   Slaves are permitted to have sex several times in a row, but the net balance of sex must be 1:1. Multiple times having sex in a row with one slave requires an equal number of times in a row with the other slave.

3) Each slave must have sex with her sister. Any time a slave sister has sex with her Master as an initial act by herself, she must then share an orgasm while sharing sexual contact with her slave sister. The sex act must absolutely involve anal play between the sisters.  An initial act is the first sex act and not a sex act triggered by other rules. The slave giving the pleasure simply states, “It is my sacred duty as a slave to perform this act.”

4) Threesomes mean sharing cum. If all slaves are present and have sex together with their Master, rules 2 and 3 will not be triggered.  However, the ejaculate of Master must be taken into the other sister’s mouth from wherever it was delivered and then shared in a kiss between sisters.

5) A blowjob given means your sister must give one too. Any time a slave gives a blowjob to her Master, she must then inform the other slave sister that she too must give a blowjob to Master as well. This will not trigger any mandatory sex acts between slave sisters.

 6) Slaves must masturbate daily. A slave must masturbate to orgasm using porn on a daily basis, cumming using toys or by her own hand.

7) Slaves have the right to order slave-sisters to please their Master. Slaves may order the other slave to have sex or oral sex with Master, to masturbate or to have sex with her.  The slave sister must comply and has no right to refuse.  Since this originates from the slave, there is no risk of triggering a jealous reaction and so no other rules are triggered by this.  The slave giving the pleasure simply states, “It is my sacred duty as a slave to perform this act.”

8) Slaves must receive a cumshot inside them at least once a day.  A slave must average 7 times a week that Master has cum inside of her. If this number is less, it will be corrected the first day that both Master and slave have the same day off, with the slave frequently begging for cum until her task is complete.  This duty to have internal cumshots (oral, anal or vaginal) is to be accomplished without violating any prior rule. Exceptions can be made in the case of health or travel issues interfering with the ability to accomplish this task.  In the case of Master having a health issue, pegging and/or stumping shall be an allowed substitute to prevent the slaves from getting too far behind, if his health allows for it.



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