What You Need to Know About Masturbation Sleeves

Some sex toys are better than others.  For men, the use of mastubatory sleeves is a great way to simulate a female vagina.  Actually, you might consider it a good substitute for any ass or mouth too…even a male or transgendered ass if your fantasy life stays in that direction.   But masturbation sleeves often have a problem and that is the materials that they are made of.

The problem with many male masturbation sleeves is the weak and porous material making them up leads to a thin and flexible sleeve that, with a bit of lube, feels remarkably like a vagina.  It feels pretty awesome, to be honest, so that’s not really a problem. The problem is, the thin material tends to rip or tear rather easily making these male sex toys somewhat fragile and prone to breaking.  The other massive issue is the porous nature of the materials used.  These tend to trap bacteria and makes the male masturbator into a foul-smelling dick pit that eventually makes you gag just smelling it.  Worse, the flimsy porous material is almost impossible to clean thoroughly and smells so bad you just want to boil it for 10 minutes to kill everything!  Unfortunately, these cheap materials will melt and ooze into a puddle and eventually just coat your pot of boiling water with a layer of formerly fuckable sludge.


By far the worst part of male masturbators (the sleeves, not the people) is the bacteria harbored in the warm, damp places that like to be filled with cum also tend to like things like slave pussies. So if you use your foul smelling dick pumper then use your slave… you are more than likely to gain a foul-smelling slave with a bladder infection.  Even washing your cock after using a yucky mastubator isn’t a guarantee to cleanse your cock of the pussy-loving-gross-smelling-penis-riders.  (That was a lot of hyphens!)  And the amazing thing about bacteria is, in the right environment it loves to multiply — giving you an unhappy slave who is even more displeased by your lack of willingness to go down on her.


The best solution to the male masturbation sleeve problem is to purchase a good one made out of silicone.  These are less flexible and don’t tend to come in a fully immersive package…but they also won’t break and you can clean them easily.  Silicone is non-porous so it doesn’t have tons of places for bacteria to hide.  Best of all, you can boil your silicone toy to completely sterilize it!

I recommend this silicone male mastubator sleeve (linked here.)  It is from Find Your Pleasures and is boilable, silicone (so it doesn’t harbor yucky bacteria) and it feels good (with a bit of lube, of course).  It is made by PDX and is a fairly good deal on sale at $37.99  — most sites I found it at charge $50 to $70 for it.  Just tighten your grip to adjust how it feels — and it has a slot for a vibrating bullet right on the end of your cock.  Very nice.




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