Cum-cation (Cum-vacation) Part 3

[Continued from Part 2]

“Daddy, wake up and cum for me.”sexy-stomach
I opened my eyes, it was the middle of the night. Tanya sat in the corner, wearing a green, see-thru bikini and rubbing her clit, obviously at Pumpkin’s request.
“Daddy, I am worried. You haven’t cum in 3 hours and I need more. I need it! Now.”
Pumpkin walked Kitten into the room on all fours, with a leash attached to the metal collar around Kitten’s neck.
“I have to go to school today Daddy, so I brought you a fuck toy to fill with cum.” She turned and looked at Kitten seriously, “Make sure he fuck you constantly. No more than 15 minutes of no-fucking per hour.” Kitten nodded eagerly.
“This is a prettier toy that should feel better than your regular toy. But remember, each time you cum in your toy, it is for me.”
I nodded, knowing I would enjoy fucking Kitten all day.
Pumpkin continued, “Give her a glass of giant glass of water once an hour and have one yourself too. You can decide where she pees…as long as it isn’t into a toilet. And you have to pee inside of her, whenecer you have to pee. When I get home, you will have to cum for me as if Kitten wasn’t here all day. She is only here as a practice toy to help build up your endurance. “
Pumpkin had to go to school the next day too. She left at 7am and was to return at 1pm. Since she was gone 6 hours, she wanted to see 7 pairs of her panties made dirty with cum when she returned, or I would have to cum 2 more times for each panty I was short. I didn’t know if that meant 2 more *plus* the cum to soil the remaining panties or not… But I didn’t want to find out!
I was filled with a sense of duty as I set out to give her the cum she required before she got back. It was my duty to give her all the cum she requested  and I began to feel a sense of pride that I could provide it  for her.
On the last day of my vacation, I awoke to find myself with Kitten, Tanya, Sandra and Pumpkin…all of them stroking their pussies.
My sore cock instantly got hard, almost by force of habit at this point. I had spent nearly every waking moment fucking or  masturbating for days. Hell, if I needed a drink, Pumpkin was just as likely to feed me her piss as give me some water… Just to keep things sexual.
This being my last day of vacation, I knew that Pumpkin would want to take advantage of that. She was like a cum obsessed demon who had to know that, even if I wasn’t cumming directly in her, I was always hard and cumming for her.
Pumpkin told me I had to cum in each girl’s ass and mouth. And if I was good and succeeded, she would give me a special surprise.
Without any further formality, she forced Sandra down on my cock so far that she started gagging hard on my cock.
By the end of the exhausting day, I came in my last ass, my balls screaming for a break. The orgasm actually hurt as my poor exhausted balls we completely out of semen.
With that, Pumpkin handed me a Cialis, saying simply, “I control your hard ons, not you.”
After half an hour, and the drug had started to take effect, she opened up the door and led in 2 beautiful young girls.
“We hired these prostitutes for you to fuck, as a reward for today. Instead of paying them a flat fee, I am paying them by the orgasm. And these professional whores are going to milk you for every dime for the next 6 hours. No breaks. Daddy, show me how much you love me and cum in them as many times as you possibly can. “
It was finally time to return to work, after a long and utterly exhausting cum-vacation. I felt like I had given my little girl my all, cum for her every time she asked for days… And I was utterly relieved to get back to work and not have to cum for her any more.
I kissed her goodbye and told her I would be home very late, at 5am the next morning.
An evil ash colour loomed over her face. “Daddy, we haven’t stopped playing the game. You promised!”
“But Pumpkin, I have to go to work!”
“I know Daddy! But you promised me the game wouldn’t end till I said so. So as soon as you get home, come straight up to bed without doing anything else. No delays! I will be in bed with Sandra and I will need you to cum in me as fast as you can, and then cum in Sandra’s ass as soon as you can. *Then* you can go to sleep. Well, unless I am too turned on at that point and need you to fuck me again. I really don’t like the idea of you going off to work and not cumming for hours!”
Omg, my little girl was a cum obsessed demon. I felt a twinge of panic. I knew I could handle her crazy intensity for the fixed number of days I had off… But I had no intention of making this an on going massive effort! I was able to keep going – and cumming – for as long as I did because I knew there was light at the ending of the tunnel. But now…
Her face darkened even further as her eyes seemed to glow red as the demonic possession gripped her further. “Daddy, you will always be cumming for me and me alone, from now on. When you fuck me, from now on, I will make sure that I have a friend waiting so I get the cum from both balls.” Then the possession suddenly vanished and she grabbed her stuffie and hugged it as if nothing had just happened. ” Have a good night at work Daddy!”

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