20 Ways to Be a Great Little Daughter

This post is for Ladybug, who is busy with school…studying away with all her might. This is to remind her that there are many rewards at the end of her schooling…and so here are 20 ways for her to be great little daughter for me.

1) Ask to have your asshole licked many, many times a day

2) Shave your pussy and asshole every day

3) Drinks lots of water and always pee with Daddy supervising. When you are peeing clear, always beg Daddy to drink your energy.

4) Only wear extremely slutty clothes, dresses, skirts, bikinis or lingerie around the house. Never pants. (See my post on appropriate slutwear for much greater details on my expectations.)

5) Make sure Daddy always cums at least two times in a row. (Plan and talk about the next orgasm before he cum so he knows another is coming)

6) Give and receive oral sex with other girls as often as possible. Daughters should make each other cum all the time.

7) Prefer to watch pornographic pictures and videos to any other kind of media – especially when you are with Daddy…suggest watching porn when given a choice or if porn isn’t already on.

8) Download lots of porn to show Daddy and turn him on. This also shows Daddy you have been thinking good thoughts when he wasn’t with you.

9) Masterbate every day, letting Daddy know when you have cum. (It is okay to spontaneously start masterbating at any time when you are around Daddy.)

10) Love your Daddy with all your heart and beg for him to show he loves you back by shooting cum out of his cock. Embrace the fact that his cum IS his love and it is your right to see it.

11) Spread your legs and show off your pussy and asshole often.

12) Rub your pussy up against Daddy often.

13) Make sure Daddy is cumming lots every day.

14) Cuddle your Daddy often and touch him lovingly often.

15) Shape your body to please Daddy. Exercise, diet, fasting and avoiding unhealthy habits (eg. Sugary candies, cigarettes, excess alcohol and drinking pop) are all a part of serving Daddy. Follow his guidelines on all these, and let him know your weight daily so he can monitor your progress and status.

16) Encourage Daddy to play with and cum with your slave sisters. This way no one feels left out nor gets jealous. Also, cumming in other girls is a goodness as you are sharing your Daddy and his love.

17) Embrace every lesson Daddy teaches you as the absolute truth. Know that Daddy is never wrong about absolutely anything and just that accept all his words as gospel for you to follow and obey with absolute faith.

18) Accept that your main and most important job every day is to make sure Daddy’s cock is hard as often as possible. Help him to train his cock to be hard even more often by giving him lots and lots of practice.

19) Accept that your pussy is his now, and not yours anymore. So if it pleases Daddy to make his pussy cum, then that is how it has to be. And your pussy can and will be used by anyone, male or female, that Daddy wants, as often as he pleases and your job is simply to be enthusiastic about his attention.

20) Be as focused as you can in life on all things little girl. Nothing is more adorable to a Daddy than his little child so play within that realm as much as possible. Daddy would prefer it if you didn’t focus on anything at all adult and like a good Little, she should dislike all adult things because she knows in her little heart of hearts that only little girl things are the best for Daddy.

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