Awesome Ayahausca Cartoon

I recently did a few posts on preparing to do ayahausca and then on ayahausca itself. Soon, I will give detailed trip reports of my own personal experience. But as I have put much focus into this wonderful medicine, one of my favorite Youtube Channels, Spirit Science put out a video on ayahausca less than 24 hours ago!! This was super exciting as well as a synchronicity to me.

This video pretty much sums up what I was trying to say about ayahausca and its impact on me. It covers the experience of the founder of Rythmia in Costa Rica — a resort I actually looked into attending before I found that it cost about $4000 USD per person for a week — and with two of us going, I wanted a cheaper option. Still, the founder’s experience with him being given a new heart by the moon…was remarkably similar to my actual experience where a new heart ‘sapling’ was planted in my own heart by ayahausca. I also love it because the video is mostly a cute cartoon 🙂

Honestly, ayahausca has been such an important medicine in my life recently that I can’t help thinking about it and wanting to share its lessons with others. Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and I am going to speak about my experience with my brother today as well as Amber.

Last night when I was in the hot tub with Pumpkin, we were talking about how we felt that everyone in the world could probably benefit from a week of ayahausca. We also came to the conclusion that every person in any form of position of power, should be required to take ayahausca so that they are guided by truth and authenticity. That means all politicians, CEOs, teachers, prison guards, doctors and lawyers…and also we should give it to those in most desperate need of help: prisoners, drug and alcohol addicts, and the desperately poor.

Although I would never consider actually enforcing the mandatory imbibing of a powerful hallucinogen, I do believe that the world would be a much better place if those in power were intimately familiar with it. Let’s face it, we currently live in a world with a predatory economic system which is build around the exponential growth of money via the extraction of resources to produce ever more consumer products. We can and must do better. And ayahausca is a powerful plant spirit that is willing to teach and guide us. So all we need to do is get the right people into the classroom.

Hmmm… I was rather pleased with the background of my last drawing, so I think I will include just the background this time so you can see the cool web of energy in a spiral that I created. I think it looks pretty all by itself, without the sketch of the girl in front. Pumpkin did ask, “Why do you have to include a young girl in every picture you make?” And the honest answer is, because that is the kind of art I wish to create. The female form is beautiful and awesome and nothing prettier or more perfect has ever existed.

Anyway, please watch the Spirit Science video because it really does a good job of explaining things. And if you want, check out some of the other videos on their youtube channel because they offer some great content. Specifically, there are some long, feature length movies which are really excellent. Oh, but the ones on the Babylon origin myth tales explained…those are long but not my cup of tea at all. The earlier ones are great — and I do hope they continue doing more on ayahausca as well because it is exactly what this world needs at this time.

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