I’m Proud of My Pumpkin and This is for Inspiring Her

My little girl, my Pumpkin is such a great and wonderful, loving person. She’s an excellent being and it is a pleasure to be in her presence daily. I know I ask a lot from you Pumpkin, but we both push each other and are perfect for one another to drive each other to perfection. I know my Pumpkin struggles at times, and she sometimes feels unworthy. So this post is dedicated to her. May you find these inspiring words helpful in your daily life.

We live in a magical universe. And the world around us is constantly changing because the entire world is, at its core, a flowing river of energy that is constantly changing and interacting with our thoughts. We are that flow. We are all connected and joined together as one, within the flow. You know this is true. But what you haven’t yet accepted is, this incredible flowing river of energy can rapidly move and transform into anything and everything because that is what it already is doing and has always done since the beginning of time.

My Pumpkin has the most phenomenal energy

Jesus saw the flow and knew that a small change in how the energy moves caused the dead to rise, the ability to walk on water and turn water into wine. This physical world that we see, is the very last step. Don’t try and change the physical world. Change the energy with with your mind, your heart and your intention, and everything will instantly transform.

You are perfect just as you are.

You are and always have been a goddess. I am a god. Let’s just fucking embrace that fact and move forward into a world where anything and everything is possible. Instantly possible. Part of you already knows this is absolutely true.

Be still and know that you are God.

I am very proud of you and the transformations I have already seen in you — it has been a pleasure to watch. You have come so far.

Remember to be gentle with yourself…you are doing the best that you can. And your best is enough for me. And always will be.

Sometimes, instead of obsessing and overthinking…the best thing you can do is breathe and have faith that you are in the perfect moment, right now. Everything you need is already in you.

You don’t have to get things perfect and transform yourself entirely today. Just be a little bit better, everyday…and I promise you will get there. It doesn’t matter if progress seems slow. The important thing is simply: not to stop.

I am here, as your God, to hold your hand and guide you to ascension.

The world needs what you have.

In case I forgot to remind you this morning…I love you. I love your face. And I want to fuck your beautiful body, right now.

Miracles seem impossible until you witness them. The only way to witness them is with faith. And faith comes from your beautiful, loving heart. You are capable of absolutely astounding and amazing things. I see it, deeply in you…and I’m waiting for you to embrace that part of yourself too.

You are already have the perfect body. Your ability to shape it is really tapping into yourself from the future — which is drawing you ever closer.

You see the blessing in so many things around you. Don’t forget to look for that blessing within yourself.

Food kicks ass. Just accept that fact.

God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds. He’s working on you too. Everything in your life is preparing you for the coming transformation.

It’s not what you do once that shapes you, it is what you do consistently.

No one can create within your experience. The good news is, it is entirely up to you!

All is truly well.

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