Going On a Beach Vacation With My Daughter

She’d been looking forward to this beach vacation for ages. She’s never been to another country before, my young little daughter, Ladybug, who just got her passport. Travelling with her is fun — especially taking her on a beach holiday. We decided to go to a Caribbean island that we booked especially because we found a beach resort linked with lots of school trips. I thought it would be good for my daughter to be surrounded by young people letting loose for March break.

We booked a beach resort with 3 pools, lots of beaches, 4 restaurants, 5 bars and lots of activities to do during the day. Additionally, all the food and alcohol is included…something the vacationing students will definitely be taking advantage of.

At the airport, for check in, I told the lady at the counter that my daughter wants a window seat on the plane. She smiled and took both our passports. On the plane, I could tell she was excited as she’d never been on a plane before! I had her sit down next to the window as I put the bags in the overhead compartment.

Then I sat down beside my excited little girl who was eagerly looking out the window. I am so proud of her, I have worked her very hard, making her workout and fast for months so her body will be utterly irresistible to anyone who sees her in her little bikinis. I packed all of her bikinis for this trip — and all her clothes too — I didn’t want to risk having anything available to her that would make her look like she wasn’t a complete whore.

“Can I get you anything?” the flight attendant asked.

I smiled, “No, we are good. But you should know that this is my daughter’s very first time on an airplane and she’s excited to have a window seat!”

“Well we make this a very enjoyable flight for you then,” she smiled at my daughter then back at me.

When we checked in at the hotel, I said that me and my daughter have a room booked together. The woman looked at our passports — and I explained that our last names were different because she ended up taking her mother’s name. It’s complicated. She just smiled and checked us in, seeing the age difference on our passports made it obvious to her that I was her real father.

Upon getting up to our room, we settled in, unpacked our bags, and then I stripped my daughter naked and had her stand in front of me. As I gazed at her young body appreciatively, she turned around so I could love every angle. Then she turned away, bent over slightly and spread her ass cheeks wide. “Daddy, do you want some little girl candy?”

I am addicted to candy and can’t every refuse, so I dove in and licked her perfect little asshole, being sure to insert my tongue deeply up her little girl candy to taste it all.

“You are going to put on this bikini and we are going to the beach where I will explain things to you,” I said as I passed her a teeny tiny little bikini that offered her no modesty whatsoever. Perfect. I want every person at this resort to think that my daughter is a slut, a whore or a prostitute. Mmmmmm…the thought of all those people thinking I raised a whore and I was somehow okay with that, even a bit oblivious to it…made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

After putting on the bikini, we walked down to the beach with our towels and sunscreen. We stopped by the bar, at the edge of the beach. I said loudly to the bartender so all the others at the bar could hear, “Make a fun fruity, strong drink for my lovely daughter! And a scotch on the rocks for me.”

I noticed the guys at the bar eagerly eyeing my little girl, quite relieved that I was not competition but merely an obstacle to be avoided. There were lots of young girls at the bar too, excited to be having drinks — and I was certain that some were pleased that the bar obviously wasn’t checked IDs nor had an restricted alcohol laws and age limits like their home countries.

We took our drinks to headed to a nice spot in the sun. We laid down and felt the warmth of the sun on our skin as we listened to waves crashing. Young folks on Spring Break frolicked on the beach. With sunglasses on, it was easy to catch guys looking at my daughter — even though this was nowhere near the smallest bikini I had brought for her, she easily was wearing the smallest bikini at the beach. And that made me very proud.

Seeing all the attention she was getting, started to make my cock hard. Might as well roll with it, I thought as I got out the sunscreen. Like a good Daddy, I made sure my daughter was protected from the sun, so I spread sunscreen all over her. I put it on her face first, but proceeded to slather oily lotion all over her body, not missing an inch. I put it on her shoulders, her back, her ass cheeks, the backs of her thighs, her calves, before turning her around to get her front. I my cock was raging hard now and I wondered how many onlookers noticed this.

I spread lotion on her legs, paying careful attention to her upper thighs, to her pussy area just outside the bikini…and I slipped a finger or two under her bikini just a bit…to cover those areas as well in case it slipped a bit to one side or the other. I spread lotion on her flat sculpted stomach that I had carefully crafted, and then to her tits — putting lotion on any area which wasn’t covered by her bikini.

Then it was her turn to put the sunscreen on me. That certainly didn’t help my hard on situation. I talked to her as she covered my body. “This beach vacation, we are sleeping in the same room. Now there are a lot of young people here, and I am going to need to see some of them fucking you. An equal amount of boys and girls. So if you fuck a boy, you have to fuck a girl next. Then another boy. I, of course, as your father, will be interference — which will make you unavailable and unapproachable a lot of the time — increasing your value and how much you are desired. You will be available briefly in the evening. What you will tell everyone is that your Daddy has gone to be. He is deaf and can’t hear a thing without his hearing aids. And he takes a strong sleeping medication that makes him pass out super hard so he can’t be woken. On top of that, he sleeps with a blindfold on.”

“You will tell this to any boy or girl that you are in the process of luring back to our room…because you plan to fuck them on the bed beside me. What they won’t know is, I can hear you and my special trick blindfold allows me to see clearly. You will insist on having the lights on…and be mindful of the views you are providing me, as you change positions as you are fucked. “

“This vacation, I am going to instruct you on picking up guys and girls for you to fuck, and how to lure them back to our room. You are going to practice and eagerly fuck as often as I say. After fucking, you are going to ask them to fuck you again. And try to play with them more. They most likely will take advantage of your young body again. And then you are going to kick them out, saying you don’t want your Daddy to know what you did.”

“Immediately after they leave, shut the door, lock it…Then I am going to reward you for being a good girl…by fucking you. It turns me on so much to see guys fuck you. It is so damn hot and sexy. I want that. I need it! And you are going to do this for me. No ifs, ands, or buts. I want nothing from you but eagerness and enthusiasm. And after seeing you filled with cock and cum — I will NEED to fuck you. It is mandatory.”

You looked me in the eyes, “Of course Daddy! You decide everything about my cunt!! But remember, afterwards, when you fuck me, you have to cum at least twice, Daddy! Even though I just got fucked a few times, I need to know my Daddy has cum at least 2 times! And, if I am extra turned on because the guy I just fucked was really hot, I am going to ask for a third cum from you, ok Daddy!?”

I lovingly gazed into my perfect little girl’s eyes. “Yes, my daughter. I could never refuse you anything. I am so proud of you, you’ve grown up to make me so proud. You are turning into the best little whore around and a father couldn’t be more pleased with how you’ve turned out.”

[To be continued]

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