Sexy Beach Vacation With My Daughter Part 2

[Continued from Part 1]
While laying on the beach, I couldn’t help but notice a very hot guy walk very close by us, obviously choosing his path so that he could get a much better look at my daughter. As he passed, I assessed him. He was well built, muscular and handsome. He had a delicious looking torso and was, in a word, hot. He walked nearby and it was obvious to me that he was contemplating fucking my daughter.

This was extremely convenient for me, because I too was contemplating him fucking my daughter. I wanted to see he take her and energetically thrust into her with his hard cock. He looked totally hot and sexy — an ideal candidate to fill my little slut with cum. It didn’t really matter at all if she wanted to it or not, that was not her job to decide who would fuck her, her job was simply be horny and ready for whatever I decided.

Regardless, I saw her notice him, as he walked by. Perfect. He was magnificent — and horny. I could hardly wait till later this evening when I would get an up close and personal sex show — seeing these two fuck for my personal gratification.

A while later, I noticed the handsome lad going up to the bar at the same time that I realized that both our drinks needed a refill. I headed over to the bar and talked loudly with the bartender. “A mojito for myself and a tropical bay breeze for my daughter, please.” The bartender nodded and got to work. I commented to the handsome guy, “I love these mojitos, there is something amazing about the mint that is just so refreshing.” He commented that he was way more of a beer guy himself. Odd, he had the exact opposite of a beer belly. I continued, “I am sure my daughter will like this tropical breeze. Anything to keep her mind off of…well, her boyfriend broke up with her and left the city for a new job, and I just want her to have fun and enjoy herself.”

The young man’s eyebrow lifted a tiny bit. I had just volunteered a key piece of information, she’s single and emotionally vulnerable. Of course, the entire thing was a white lie, it was merely some additional bait to ensure he takes action instead of passively appreciating the bait offered by her bikini. She wore a small little string bikini, with no underwires or anything fancy, just thin little triangles held together with long strings…the absolute perfect design for female swimwear – -there can be no improvement on the string bikini design — and it left almost none of her body to his imagination. Yes, he would definitely be making a move on my daughter before the day was through, I had no doubt.

God, he was hot too. His muscles were toned and I just wanted to touch them myself, feeling him all over his sexy body…but I would have to settle for enjoying watching my daughter touch him, lick him and feel him inside of her. While I was ‘asleep’ in the bed beside her, watching attentively though my false blindfold.

Mmmmm, it would be so fucking amazing to double-team her with this carved-statue of a god…but not now. For now, I want to see her pick up this guy and lure him back to our room — so I can enjoy seeing him fuck her repeatedly in front of me. I have trained my little girl to be a slut but I want actual, undeniable proof that she is a slutty little whore – -proof that can only be from witnessing her getting fucked right in front of me.

I knew, now that the bait had been set, that he would be keeping an eye on her, awaiting a moment when he finds her alone — so that he can make his move.

I returned to my sexy little girl, wearing her little bikini and laying on a beach towel. I passed her the rum-based tropical breeze and told her, “Take a look at that hot guy by the bar. I told him we are on vacation together but you are trying to forget your boyfriend who broke up with you so he could move to a different city for work. Poor you. You must be devastated — and you will need his cock inside of you to help you forget you bad boyfriend. Would you be a good little slut for me, and fuck that boy, right in front of me, tonight?”

My little girl broke into a wide grin, “Of course Daddy! I will fuck anyone you say. But Daddy, will you promise me that you will fuck too, right after he leaves?”

“Of course, Ladybug! I will need to show you that Daddy loves his little girl and that he is proud of her. And turned on by her fucking that magnificent example of manhood. “

She smiled, “Daddy, I am going to give you lots of little girl juice today, just to be sure you fuck me after him, ok?”

Now it was my turn to grin. The little girl juice to which she referred was her pee. I absolutely love drinking her piss because it is filled with her sexual energy — and I love having my little child’s energy in my stomach! Sometimes I get orgasms just from feeling her energy in my stomach alone. My daughter has also given her ‘little girl juice’ another meaning, which is that whenever she feeds me her juices, it is her way of asking me to fuck her that day. If I accept, and drink directly from her bare, hairless little pussy, it means we are both committed to fucking that day. It is like a little way we can promise our bodies to one another – and is such an important part of our daddy-daughter relationship.

And what kind of father would I be if I wasn’t proud of my little girl begging to be fucked by me through offering her very essences to me to consume. My cock swelled noticeably in the small swim trunks I wore, as I anticipated drinking directly from her smooth hole. It swelled even more when I recalled that she had said, “lots of little girl juice” implying that she wanted me to drink from her multiple times – and by extension, she wanted to be fucked by me multiple times. I love my little girl and won’t deny her what she needs…but first, I have needs too. And I needed to see her fucked by this handsome young guy before I would even consider rewarding her with my cum.

[To be continued]

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