Vacation Sex With My Daughter Part 3

[Continued from Part 2]
Our first dinner at the resort, to kick off the vacation, I allowed my daughter a full plate of vegetables, as many as she wanted to eat. I didn’t want her eating too much to interfere with seducing the boy we’d selected for her first vacation sex. The first of many. I picked a location close to boy I had selected, and he definitely noticed my girl sitting near him.

In a low voice, I told my daughter that I would be ‘retiring’ to bed soon. And that she would be left to have a drink or two by the bar. She would sit alone and not interact much with anyone, until our little boy toy came over.

Then, she would talk to him, a little bit, not seeming that interested – at first. She would wait to bring up a topic that actually interested her before turning her body towards him and actively engaging him. Then, as they talked more, she would tell him about me, that she’s on vacation with me but every night, I crash early because of the medication I am on, causing me to sleep like the dead. Also mention that I am already basically deaf (wearing hearing aids) and I also sleep with a blindfold on! So you can go back to the room, put on a loud movie and still there is never any risk of waking me up!

From there, have another drink or two with him. Then put your hand on his shoulder and say, “There is something I would love to show you. Will you come with me to my room for a minute?”

If he says no, he’s an idiot, but there’s little chance of that. Once you get him in the room, turn and start making out with him. And then let him fuck you. Is that clear, my daughter?

“Yes Daddy!”

Good girl. I am going to watch him plow you hairless little pussy. And once he cums, ask him to fuck you again. Because I want a longer show and if you going to have vacation sex, it’s best to have it twice!

“Okay Daddy,” she said innocently.

With that, I headed off to the room, put on my special trick blindfold that I could clearly through, and positioned myself comfortably so I could watch my little girl get fucked.

It was barely half an hour later when the door opened and she turned on the light. My daughter lead the way, holding this young man’s hand. As soon as the door shut, she turned and planted a solid kiss on his mouth. Instantly he dove straight in and started making out with her.

She started pulling him towards the bed when he looked over at me nervously. “Um, shouldn’t we turn out the lights or something?”

Making a point of speaking extra loud, she replied, “Nah, he’s dead to the world and I want to see you.”

When I didn’t move after he loud expression, he shrugged and pushed my little daughter onto the bed. The couple made out passionately as he slowly stripped the clothes off of my daughter. I enjoyed seeing her naked form and his hot flesh pressed up against her.

When she was fully naked, she reached over and grabbed a bottle of baby oil and seductively started spreading it all over herself, turning herself into a slippery sensual delight. He slipped all over her, oiling himself with her skin. The two looked delightful and my cock swelled with appreciation.

Then he stabbed into her shiny pussy with his hard cock, and proceeded to energetically fuck her. I couldn’t help but press my cock into the mattress as I watched him eagerly fuck my little girl. They both looked so hot, all covered in oil…and I loved my little girl all the more for coming up with the oil idea! She got on all fours so I could see her from the side and leaned down and faced me, smiling away as the young stud drilled into her. We made eye contact through the blindfold — her clearly knowing that I could see her fully… and he fucked her hard. As he excitedly built towards an orgasm, my teasing little nymph reached back and stuck 2 oily fingers up her asshole — and that wonderful image sent him way over the edge in a loud orgasm.

As he collapsed, my little girl started masturbating hard, while shifting her gaze from me to him and then back again. She was a good little whore and knew that when a guy cums, the best thing to do is start masturbating to encourage him to keep going. It worked in this case and soon his member started to swell again. She gobbled it up with her mouth as she continued to touch herself.

“You will fuck me again, right away, right?” she teased.

“I will do my best” he managed.

“As long as you best involves more cum squirting out of this hard cock of yours, that’s what vacation sex is all about!” she giggled.

Soon, my child was riding him as he pumped his cock deep inside of her bare pussy. I could see everything perfectly and loved watching my little girl having so much fun. I felt my heart open up more for her, knowing that we could share such intimate moments — and I was so turned on by her getting this hot guy to fuck her! He was magnificent and beautiful and I was so proud of her getting him to fuck her.

He came quickly when this time she started sucking on her own nipples — showing him what a horny slut she was. As he collapsed, she said, “You can’t sleep here tonight, because of my Dad. It’s probably best if you left now.”

He glanced over at me, exhausted and yet relieved that I still appeared dead to the world. Figuring he best get while the getting is good, he quickly dressed and excited the room, with my daughter closing and locking the door behind him.

She then ran over to me and took my blindfold off. “Did I do a good job, Daddy?! I fucked the boy for you, just like you asked!”

“Yes, my little Ladybug, you did good! Now I need you to straddle me and feed me your pussy.”

She eagerly spread her lips over my face and I started to lick her.

“I will give you some little girl juice, Daddy” she said.

“Oh Ladybug, that’s my favorite! But the reason I am licking your little slut-hole is to eat his cum out of you. It’s delicious!”

“Daddy, will you pleeeeeeeeaaase fuck me twice! I need more vacation sex and you haven’t fucked me nearly enough today!”

[To be continued]

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