Vacation Sex With My Daughter Part 4

[Continued from part 3]

After fucking my little girl two times to reward her for being such a wonderful, perfect daughter and bringing a hot guy back to our room to fuck in front of me, I was still very horny for more vacation sex. So I decided to send her out to get a girl this time.

“Ladybug, I need you to go find a drunk girl to seduce and bring back here to fuck in front of Daddy. I know there are all kinds of young girls running around this place. Many aren’t used to free flowing alcohol too. I want you to go find the youngest, skinniest little bitch you can, and bring her back here. And then I want you to fuck her, right in front of me, just like you did the boy. Tell her the same story, about how I am dead to the world and don’t worry at all about me…I will have the blindfold on. And you are going to fuck her lots and lots for me.”

“Yes Daddy, I would love that!” she eagerly replied. I loved that about my little girl, as long as it was sex related, she was incredibly eager. Hell, I was super pleased that whenever I asked her what she wanted for a present, birthday or Christmas, she always asked for only sex related stuff.

“Ok, put on a tiny bikini and head down to the bar and find yourself a nice pretty girl. How about a tiny bikini that is too small to cover your tits, so it shows undercleavage. That would be pretty. Ideally, find a girl who looks over at you and holds eye contact, so you know she is interested. She should also be wearing a small bikini, so you know she’s horny. And I want you to go over and start talking to her, within 5 seconds of noticing her, so you don’t overthink anything and get shy. Compliment her on her bikini, and touch it…to establish physical contact right from the beginning.”

“Ok Daddy, that sounds fun! But I am a little nervous.”

“That’s ok, my sweet, it is normal to be nervous. You may worry that she’ll reject you. But know that no girl if she turns you down, it’s probably because she’s been socially conditioned that she’s only allowed to flirt with boys. If that happens, just move on to the next girl, until you find a fun little slut to bring back to our room,” I patiently instructed her.

“You need to prove to me that you will fuck anyone I want, whenever I want. You don’t get to decide anything. You just get to fuck whomever I tell you. And you job it to love it — and love the people I make you fuck…because that is you purpose little girl. And when you’ve cum with the little slut a bunch of times, then Daddy is going to take you again and again, as a reward for you making Daddy proud.”

[To be continued]

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