Vacation Sex With My Daughter Part 5

[Continued from part 4]

As my sweet little girl left the room, I was enraptured by her tight little ass walking out the door. I knew I had taken her on this beach vacation so that we could fuck basically non-stop, but still I was deeply in love with her little ass. I wanted to have vacation sex with her constantly, but I was even more turned on knowing that she was out to pick up a girl to bring back to our room and she was going to fuck her in front of me.

Still, the image of her tight little behind was seared into my mind. I kept thinking of it, how I just wanted to dive my tongue deep up her little asshole. I wanted to lick her sweet little asshole so much, to make out with her and french kiss her little ass as the perfect little girl mouth that it is.

Her asshole is definitely my most favorite hole of hers. I don’t know why, but for years I have been absolutely fascinated with assholes and anal sex. When my little girl came along, I knew that her butthole was my absolute favorite hole and I just wanted to lick and suck it all day.

She was cautious and protective of her little ass too. She didn’t want it wrecked by giant toys like some of the prolapsed girls she’d seen in porn. I would make sure that THAT would never happen. Her butthole was precious to me and I wanted it ever in a lickable state. Still, I couldn’t deny it, I thought of anally fucking her all the time. Sure, I would think of fucking her pussy lots too, but the delights of her tight, smooth little asshole was never far from my mind. I wanted her ass-flavors in my mouth. And above all, I wanted my hard cock spurting cum deep up her little ass.

There was something absolutely delightful about watching cum dripping out of an anus. And I could never get enough of seeing her put a plate under her little ass and squeeze my cum onto a plate so she could show me how much she loved me by eating my cum right out of her ass.

My cock swelled and even though I had just cum in her twice, I pressed my cock hard against the mattress as I waited for my slutty little girl to return. Damn, she was a slut and that makes me so fucking proud. I don’t give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks, what society thinks…I know deep down in my heart of hearts that her being a slut is the best thing ever for the world. Hell, my heart opens up and swells with pride when I think of her being so completely slutty — and how I’ve trained her to be proud of that fact. To wear her sluthood as a badge of honor. A badge that is proof that she is the perfect little girl for me.

My thoughts returned to her puckered little anus and I imagined diving my tongue deep inside of her, licking the saliva of the girl she brings back, right out of her asshole. And I waited, pressing my cock into the mattress in anticipation of watching my little girl lick and fuck another girl for my perverted amusement.

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