I have done a lot of posts on female ejaculation (also called squirting and shejaculation) and so I am going to sum them all up in one place for the holidays! No more digging around! Here is a comprehensive list of links to all my squirting posts divided up by category with Exercises,  News, Science, General, and Spirituality.

Exercises and Practical:

How to Find your G-Spot — it’s easy…but if you’re still in the dark, this will help track the g-spot

down so you can go to town on it. 

Top 10 Squirting Lessons — What you really need to know about squirting: especially if you squirt a
How to do Kegel Exercises to Make You Squirt — Squeezing is pleasing! Here are 6 detailed exercises that really work. 
Advance Kegel Exercises with Weights — Be sure to build up to the exercises as it is not for beginners. It is advanced strength training for your vagina. 
The Divine Nectar — a video guide to female ejaculation.
A Good Video Explains Squirting — I didn’t make this, but it’s good. 
How to Mastubate to Squirt — practice makes perfect!
Squirting and Dehydration — I will also put this in science but it has lots of practical information that
you should know. 
Make Your Pussy Taste Great — ok while not expressly about female ejaculion…it’s something you might like to know. 
PC Muscle Exercises Part I – How to do PC muscle and vaginal strength training.

PC Muscle Exercises Part II — Now that you are getting the hang of it, let’s give those muscles some more tone!

And of course, Vaginal Weight Lifting — including a video of girls lifting weights. 


Female Ejaculation was Banned in the UK — December 2nd 2014.  Yes, this is real and not a joke.  
Geez, I was sure I did  a couple more news posts…one of which was one lesbians taking the ban of sale of squirt porn DVDs to court because it was banned for being piss porn — and the scientists had to weigh in that, no it is not pee. But somehow I can’t find that post. Maybe I goofed and wrote the article but forgot to press ‘publish’ :-/    Unfortunately, I have far ore unpublished articles than published — as I rule at the half written post!


The Female Prostate — it’s an anatomy lesson that focuses on structures and function.  Learn about

the Skene’s glands and also what us in female ejaculation from a chemical perspective. 

Why Women Squirt/Why Women Ejaculate: an hypothesis on the evolutionary reason behind female ejaculation. 
Female Ejaculation in other Primates — most notably the bonobo have regular squirting orgasms.  (There is more on Bonobo sexuality here too)
I want to Study Female Ejaculation — if someone is going to get grant money to study squirting…i might as well be me. Methods, materials and scope of study provided.
Squirting and Dehydration — medical advise to keep you safe while you cum like a banshee. 
Is it Safe to Drink Female Ejaculate? — Science weighs in on this important topic. 

The Latest on ‘Is It Pee” — a recent study that looked a squirters with the use of ultrasound to see exactly where the the shejaculate comes from. 

General Squirt Related Topics:

On Female Body Fluids — there has been much taboo about all female bodily fluids and perhaps this

is part of the reason that female ejaculation has rarely been discussed in the past. 

Anally Induced Squirting — some say it’s the best way to squirt…but anal sex can definitely trigger squirting in a big way!
On Fake Squirting — sometimes people with limited sexual experience assume that squirting is all faked or that women can’t possibly produce the volumes seen in porn. Well, while it may be possible to fake it…most is real and I have made too many girls squirt (some for the first time) to have any doubt whatsoever. 
Squirting — a favorite post on the awesomeness of female ejacuation.
Why Squirting is Sexy — answering the question of why men find girls who female ejaculate so sexy.
Shejaculating – female ejaculation is such a long and awkard phrase where men just have cum. So let’s agree to call it shejaculation and the fluid is shejaculate.  
Epic Organisms: Passing Out — yes… squirting was involved.
Vagina Weight Lifting Record –Strong muscles help you squirt…but how strong can you get?
Milking Slaves — but the milk is actually shejaculate. An erotic recounting of a fun day in the life.
On Squirting: A Woman’s Perspective.

Give Me Your Pussy Juice — An example of the shenanigans that happen in my bathroom 🙂

The Beauty of Squirting — It’s just so damn pretty! (Pictures, photos and animated gif included, of course.)

Squirting Stickers — Show your Squirting pride! Nothing says I love squirting like a bumper sticker. 


Female Ejaculation and the Transfer of Tantric Energy — a post on the spiritual aspects of female ejaculation and the mysterious orgasmic energies it contains.

Cumming Soon:

Squirt Bukakkes 
Any Questions or want me to cover a topic about female ejaculation that I missed…just let me know!

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